Will My Child Play With A Marble Run?

No parent likes to buy an expensive toy that their child plays with once on their birthday or at Christmas before it goes to the back of the cupboard, never to be seen again. So, before splashing out on anything be sure that your will get some benefit out of it.

Let’s be fair, once your child has built the marble run and watched the marble trickle down from top to bottom it can get a little repetitive and even the most patient of child can lose interest after an hour or so.

To increase the longevity of the marble run you can design a series of educational challenges for your child that will get them thinking about problem solving and test their creativity.

Challenge One: The Fast Build

Time your child on how long it takes to build the default run.

Challenge Two: Default Build Without Instructions

Your child may have built the default run many times but challenge them to do it without the instructions.

Challenge Three: Build The Highest Run

Using existing parts, ask your child to build the highest run possible. For an additional challenge, limit the number of pieces they can use.

Challenge Four: Slow Roller

Ask your child to build a run that will take the marble as long as possible to get from the top to the bottom and time it.

Challenge Five: Fast Roller

Similar to above but the marble needs to drop as fast as possible and you need to specify how many parts should be used.

Challenge Six: Long Roller

Similar to above but the marble needs to travel as much horizontal distance as possible.

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These are just a few challenges that we have come up and have been suggested by parents who have visited this website. If you have any ideas for marble run challenges please let others know by filling in the quick form below.

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