Other Marble Run Questions

This page is a resource for parents looking for marble run information. If you have a question, leave a comment below.

Q. Can I combine Galt and Quercetti Marble Run Parts?
A. No, the part sizes are different, Quercetti supports smaller, lighter marbles and the connections are different. The only way to combine the sets is to have an open drop on a Galt track and the marble is ‘caught’ by the funnel of the Quercetti track.

Q. Which is the best plastic marble run? Quercetti, Galt or Marble Works
A. This is a toughie since all three sets have their advantages and disadvantages. Quercetti is probably best suited for slightly older children as it has more advanced parts. Galt and Marble Works both have good reputations, similar parts and parents report positive experiences with both. Galt is slightly cheaper than Marble Works though so many parents opt for a Galt set.

Q. Where can I get a metal marble run from?
A. To the best of our knowledge, there are no metal marble runs aimed at children. Even the more advanced structures aimed at adults are generally made out of plastic. Many people looking for metal marble runs end up building their own out of copper wire.

Q. Where is the best place to buy used marble runs?
A. Good question, we like your thinking. Used marble runs can usually be picked up from eBay for a fraction of their original price because the sets take up room once the kids have grown up so parents are looking to offload them quickly. Be warned though that used marble runs can often come with damaged or worn parts which makes the structure unstable so always inquire about any defects before purchasing.

Q. How can I make a stable marble run?
A. The success and height of any marble run depends a lot on the surface it’s placed on. Even the most stable marble runs struggle on thick pile carpet. Some sets, like the Quercetti Vortis, come with extra large ‘feet’ to make the marble run more stable. Others, like the wooden Quadrilla sets rely on gravity to stay together so need a hard surface such as a table top or wooden board to build on.

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