Wall Mounted Marble Run Using Unusual Parts

This is one of the more unusual wall mounted marble runs that I’ve come across where the builders have used non standard parts like plastic tubing, funnels, clothing pegs and hoops to build what can only be described as an amazing marble run. There’s even a musical xylophone and a Ferris wheel involved!

Apparently it took the creators several hours to plan and construct and the only reason they didn’t build more awesome in to it was because their school bus was waiting for them! It just goes to show that given some inspiration, a marble run can provide not just hours of entertainment, but also serves as a great learning device. It also shows that you really don’t need to purchase an expensive set because the best marble runs can be constructed out of everyday household materials.


The full story of how this epic marble run came about can be found on the Exploratorium blog. The person who filmed the video above explains in more detail how he heard about this wall mounted marble run being built.