Best Dad Ever – Wall Mounted Marble Run

And the award for the best Dad ever goes to the father who built the wall perimeter marble run in the video below. With ingenious use of wood, motors and gravity, the kid who this marble run was built for just became the most popular kid in the neighborhood. The amount of mechanical engineering that has gone in to this track is immense and it’s quite an education to watch. The cost of the wood would be quite high and you would need some fairly advanced power tools to do all the cutting.

What’s more, you probably want the guy who built this marble run to be your new best friend because if you want to know how to build a wooden marble run, he’s included all the instructions here.

Have you ever wanted to build a track like this? Do you think you have the skills? Would you buy a set like this if all the parts were machined and you just had to fix it to the wall? Let us know in the comments below.