Transparent Marble Run – 48 Pieces

The unique thing about this marble run track is that it uses transparent plastic parts so your child can watch the marbles as it travels every step of the way from top to bottom. Where other marble runs have opaque tubes and chutes, your child will always know where the marble is with this set. The set includes chutes, spinners, whirlpools, snakes and drops which can be attached in any order. This lets your kid create their own tracks and teaches them problem solving skills as they learn which pieces work best together and in what order. As the tracks become more complex you can purchase additional sets to create huge marble runs that can look quite impressive!

The plastic itself is durable and will withstand all but the most rough of play. The parts fit together nicely although as one parent commented, the parts tend to be more for structure/height rather than doing anything interesting with the marble.

If you can put up with some bad camera work, you can see an example of what the transparent marble run will look like. From the video it looks like they have combined several sets together to create this much larger marble run.

This marble run is best suited for younger children as it’s not too challenging for older kids. That said, children that are four and under should be supervised as the set contains some small parts.

The camera work on this video is a little bit better and you can see how the marbles will spin around in the funnels and the madly spinning wheels as the marbles go past. As with the previous video, this looks like it is two or more sets put together.

Overall, most parents who have given feedback on this set have been more than happy with what they have received. The only complaints are that it could do with some bigger and more interesting parts and that the 16 marbles that are included are just plastic but made to look like metal.

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