Space Rail Marble Roller Coaster – Level 4

The Space Rail Level 4 roller coaster takes the complexity up a level with its famous dips, dives, twists, turns and loops. This set adds three separate tracks for the steel marble balls to roll down. If this is your first Space Rail, it’s strongly advised to start off with the Level 3 Space Rail or lower due to the complex nature. This set is designed for children aged 10 and up, but even then, most children will need your supervision and guidance as the instructions are not very clear sometimes and the setup is more nuanced in that the tensions and heights of the track all need to be ‘just right’. One parent described the instructions as “opaque” thanks to the badly translated manual – humorous but at times frustrating.

Your child can expect to spend a good day building this set, or perhaps even longer. Once it’s built though, the end result is well worth it and everyone will be captured by the steel balls whizzing around. Young children will love the completed track and it might not be long before word gets around and all the neighborhood kids come to have a look! The battery powered elevator screw ensures that there is non stop action, you can even buy more marbles to have dozens of marbles racing around the track.

The video below shows a completed Spacerail Level 4 set so you can get an idea of the complexity and scale of the toy.

The Space Rail sets are the most fun, exciting and challenging marble run toys on the market and come at very reasonable prices, but they are not for everyone. For younger children, you could consider the Quercetti Space Rail set which is similar but much larger and much less complex.

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