Space Rail Marble Roller Coaster Level 3

As one parent said: believe everyone else when they say that this isn’t an easy set to put together. The Spacerail marble runs are not designed for younger children and even the older ones will need some supervision and assistance putting it together. That said, the Space Rail sets are one of the most exciting and complex on the market so if you want to give your child a real challenge, Space Rail is the way to go. You might be better served trying out the Space Rail Level 1 or Level 2 sets before you jump in to the level three set.

The track itself is over 52 ft of non-stop action and incorporates twists, banked curves and loop-the-loops. The tension and heights of all the track needs to be spot on in order for the steel balls to gain enough momentum around the banks but also be slowed down enough for the twists and turns. Once the marble reaches the bottom, an elevator screw moves the steel balls back to the top, in effect, creating a continuously active system. The set will enthrall the younger children as they watch the marbles whizz down the track and do gravity defying loops, infact it will work well as a standalone installation once the construction has been completed.

The video below shows the Space Rail Level 3 set in operation so you can get an idea of the size, scale, speed and noise of the set.

One word of caution though, the Spacerail sets are manufactured in China which means the instructions can often be hilariously funny. The visual instructions are not always clear enough so it will take some patience and trial and error to get the marbles shooting around the track.

The Space Rail marble runs are the most complex and difficult to construction marble tracks available, but are the most rewarding and exciting once it’s completed.

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