Space Rail Marble Roller Coaster – Level 1

The Space Rail marble run sets come in a variety of levels. Level 1 is the basic, introduction set designed for children aged 6 and up. It uses thin plastic tubes to create a track almost exactly like a real world roller coaster. Just like a roller coaster, the steel marble will do twists, turns and even a loop-the-loop. The set is fairly tricky to put together, but that’s half the fun, it will challenge anyone and younger children will need adult assistance / supervision.

The set also includes multiple layout options and a mechanical ‘archimedes’ screw elevator which takes the marble back to the start once it has reached the bottom. Once completed, the Space Rail marble run makes a nice installation for the children’s bedroom or even a good toy to bring out to entertain their friends – you may experience an influx of neighborhood kids when the word gets around about this marble run!

The video below shows the Space Rail Marble Roller Coaster Level 1 in action – we apologize in advance for the music, you might want to mute your speakers!

At $15, this is a very inexpensive marble run. The great option is that as your child grows older and more experienced, the additional Space Rail sets will provide consistent challenges for years to come.

Be warned: This product is manufactured in China and hence some of the instructions will be in “Chin-glish”. Infact, just reading the attempts at English might give almost as much fun as the set itself!

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