Quercetti Super Marble Run Vortis – 224 Pieces

The Granddaddy of plastic marble runs, if you want your child to be able to construct a variety of different runs and test out new tracks then this is the set you need. It has 224 different pieces including double entrance funnels, spirals and extra long bridges to make gigantic runs. With so many different pieces it’s sure to keep your child thrilled for hours as they experiment with new runs and watch the marbles race down the track.

Unlike some of the cheaper marble runs, Quercetti has a reputation for building long lasting, sturdy products and the Vorbis is no different. Many people said they had concerns about the stability of marble runs but were pleasantly surprised by how well this set coped even on slightly uneven carpet although as your marble run grows higher the stability decreases. Cheaper marble runs tend to be manufactured in China (and let’s face it, what isn’t these days!) but Quercetti make a point of keeping the quality high by manufacturing their products in Italy. This is probably why so many people say they appreciate the strong locking mechanisms from Quercetti which feel ‘just right’ compared to cheaper options where the pieces feel fragile or loose when locked together.

If you have any other Quercetti marble runs then the additional pieces can be used to build even larger marble runs since the pieces share the same locking mechanisms. Don’t forget to take a few videos of the massive marble run and upload them to Youtube!

The video below shows a Quercetti Vortis marble run in action, you might be surprised by just how bit it is. The marble track in the video has been custom made by the child, demonstrating the near limitless variations that this set offers.

One drawback that some people feel is a make or break feature is the ability for the set to handle different sized marbles. Quercetti works best with smaller, lighter marbles and some pieces are incompatible with larger or heavier ones.

Due to the more complex nature of this large marble run construction kit, Quercetti have given it an age rating of 8+ years but you’ll probably find that with supervision even younger children will get enjoyment out of this set.

Cost: $109.81

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**** rating

Quercetti Super Marble Run Vortis, 224 Pieces

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