Quercetti Skyrail Suspension Marble Run – 310 Pieces

The world’s largest retail marble run is a massive 5 feet wide, 3 feet high and has over 36 feet of track. The Skyrail isn’t like any other marble run which is why it’s called a marble rollercoaster. It uses flexible plastic tracks which look a lot like the tracks of a rollercoaster. The track is built around a central column and held in place by suspension ropes. This allows the track to flex as the marble passes around it.

Be warned though, it’s not just the little kids that love this marble roller coaster, the grown up kids love it to as you can see in the video below.

The video above is a combination of three Skyrail sets that have been built in to one incredible track. The expandability and relatively low cost of the Skyrail marble runs means that relatives can always pitch in to buy new sets for birthdays and Christmases.

Because the marbles roll along plastic rails, it gives a difference experience to a traditional marble run where often the marbles are obscured by chutes and tubes. The Skyrail marble roller coaster also gives your child the option to expand out rather than just up. The plastic rails are also flexible enough to allow the marble to perform loop-the-loops and barrel rolls which will be sure to elicit shrieks of joy from your children.

To emphasize how much fun your children can get out of something as basic as a marble run, check out the video below made by several young children. It also shows that with enough parts, building a marble run can be a group activity, teaching kids team work and communication as they build huge projects like this.

The Skyrail suspension marble run is a little more advanced than other plastic runs and requires some patience to set it up, particularly the suspension part. Since the tension and length of the suspension ropes play a part in allowing the track to flex, it needs to be just right. Therefore this marble run would be appreciated more by older children of 7 years and above.

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Note: Although still available, the 310 piece Skyrail set has been superseded by the Quercetti Ottovolante 410 piece set.

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