Quercetti Skyrail Rollercoaster with Elevator

This Quercetti Skyrail roller coaster set comes with a battery powered elevator so that there is a near continuous supply of fun. The tracks are made out of a flexible plastic which is good for creating banked turns, but as some parents have noted, they need support, otherwise the marble will fly off. The track is designed to flex as the marble goes round, which is great for the lighter plastic marbles that are included, but don’t work so well with the glass and steel marbles. In total you get around 15 feet of glow in the dark track which is fully compatible with the other range of Quercetti Skyrail sets. There are some suggested designs included in the set, but just like with Lego and other construction sets, your child will quickly move on to creating their own designs.

Due to all the small parts, this particular set is aimed at a slightly older child than a traditional marble run. Younger children will get just as much enjoyment out of it, but will need some supervision, especially to begin with. It needs a lot more patience to put together along with a grasp of physics and construction. Since the track is flexible, there is a kind of Goldilocks zone where the tension is just right which will frustrate some children but entertain others. However, once your child has got the grasp of it, it’s likely that it will become a permanent fixture in your household with new tracks, ideas and ever more more complex marble roller coasters being constructed. The great thing about these marble runs is that your child can make drops and chutes and incorporate other bits and pieces from around the house to make a kind of hybrid marble run / roller coaster.

The benefits of buying a marble run go beyond just getting a child to learn construction skills. As the video below shows, it’s also very helpful in other aspects of their development. Filming, editing and uploading a video are all skills that will serve anyone well in their work life and who knows, it might be that the next Spielburg started out filming his Quercetti Skyrail Roller Coaster!

The Quercetti range of marble runs and roller coasters have been praised for their durability and are one of the few children’s toys that are not made in China. Once the marble roller coaster has been created, don’t be surprised if your house suddenly becomes the center of attention for all the neighborhood kids!

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