Quercetti Skyrail Mini Rail Rollercoaster

The Quercetti Skyrail roller coaster tracks are making a name for themselves due to the fun and excitement that they can provide. They use flexible plastic track that warps slightly as the marble runs over it. This warping can be controlled to give just the right amount of tension to speed up and slow down the marble as required. The flexi-track also means that loops can be made to send the marbles spinning around and around.

This starter set is perfect for the younger children in your household as it lets them start small and build up as their confidence grows. Quercetti mention that it’s for children aged 6 and up, but in our experience even younger children will get enjoyment out of it given the right supervision. The great thing about Quercetti Skyrail marble runs is that the parts are interchangeable and you can buy additional sets later on. At first your children will be happy with building the pre-designed tracks, but over time, as their confidence grows, they will be able to build out their own unique and innovative tracks.

The Skyrail sets are suitable for a bunch of children playing together if enough track is available or for one child to create their own design. Since the set is plastic, it’s not the most durable of marble runs, but it should hold up well to every day wear and tear. The good thing is that if any parts do get damaged, a new set can be bought for birthdays and Christmas which will not only replace the parts but also help expand the set.

The video below shows exactly why so many parents love the skyrail roller coaster sets. It’s not so much that the toy is educational, but the track featured in the video has been designed and constructed by a child like yours. They then went one step further and videoed the entire set before finally using video editing software to edit the video, add annotations before uploading it to YouTube. That’s a lot of life learning experience that goes way beyond simply building a marble run.

At just $37, the Quercetti Skyrail Mini Roller Coaster with 150 pieces is good value for money. It allows an unlimited choice of designs and can be played with again and again. Most parents who have bought this set have gone on to buy the larger sets as the children played with it so much.

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