MarbleWorks Starter Set

This marble run is developed and sold by Discovery Toys so you can be sure about the quality you will get if you buy it. Parents report that even after several years of use, sometimes with rough play such as bits being thrown around, the parts are still as good as new, not chipped and happily snap together just as they did on the day it was bought.

MarbleWorks is an open ended marble run with no particular design to follow. The variety of pieces means your child can figure out and learn what works well together and as their confidence grows, so will the size of the marble run. When your child is proficient at using all the parts, you can even purchase add ons and expansion packs so they can keep exploring.

The video below showcases a Marble Works marble run, although it’s from a much bigger set. This Marble Works starter set will contain far fewer pieces – infact the marble run in the video looks like it was built out of two separate sets.

The set is a good size and is compatible with many other types of marbles, so your child can build up ‘traffic jams’ of marbles as they send dozens down at once.

Once your child has got the hang of building marble runs with their MarbleWorks set then they can even start building their own designs. Check out the video below which has been constructed using three MarbleWorks sets.

Parents are extremely happy with this product, giving it maximum rating in most cases and are all happy to recommend it to others. They are particularly impressed with the durability, given that some cheaper marble runs have reputation for being a bit flimsy. Infact, many parents guiltily admit to having just as much fun helping to construct the marble run as the kids do playing with it.

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