Marble Run Set – 105 Pieces

Turned out to be one of the best Christmas gifts we’ve ever purchased” says one parent from Ohio. This large plastic marble run is suitable for younger children thanks to the slightly larger blocks and robust connecting systems. This set includes many features that you’ll find on more expensive marble runs like chutes, drops, whirlpools, spinners and translucent drop-throughs so your child can watch the progress of the marble. The wide variety of parts means that your child will need problem solving and analytical skills as well as building patience through trial and error. You’ll find that each time your child plays with this set, their confidence grows and their constructions become more elaborate.

Although not a big brand like Quercetti or Galt, many parents are reporting that they are thrilled with the durability of the parts, even with heavy handling. One parents said that she’d even buy it for her pre-school class, it’s that durable. If your child is 3 or 4 years old they may require some supervision but for children aged 5 and up they should be able to figure out the construction themselves. Other parents who ended up purchasing this marble run even said that they looked at more expensive options but are glad they chose this package.

As with all marble runs, the stability will depend on the surface you put it on. Carpet, even low profile carpet, can cause stability problems so it’s always best to construct it on a hard floor or a wooden board.

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