Marble Run Play Set – 68 Pieces

My four year old son LOVES this marble run” said one parent from Texas. With 68 pieces, this marble run is designed to challenge your child by being open ended and offering virtually unlimited track designs. Even at the low price of just $36, the set doesn’t scrimp on features either. There are spinners, flippers, funnels, snake tracks and more which allow your child to investigate and experiment with all types of combinations.

Some plastic marble runs have a reputation for being a little bit fragile with connectors that break easily. However, the feedback from parents on this particular set is that the parts are quite durable and will even stand up to some rough play. Infact, out of nearly 50 independent reviews from other parents, the overwhelming majority report that they are satisfied or more than satisfied with this product. This is definitely something to consider when comparing against more expensive, branded items. One parent even reported that this is one of the only toys they have bought where there three young children can work together without fighting!

The video below, while not exactly the same as the marble run we have reviewed, many of the parts are the same. You can see how it fits together and builds up.

For children 5 and under, adult supervision is required, particularly since there are small parts and it’s remarkable just how easily marbles can be swallowed!

As your child becomes more confident with their abilities and learns how the parts will interact with each other, the tracks will become larger and more elaborate. A marble run like this makes a fantastic educational toy, particularly since the child is learning about physics, hand eye coordination, patience, problem solving and cause and effect without even realizing it.

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