Galt Toys Super Marble Run – 60 Pieces

This is Galt’s most comprehensive marble run set available so if you ever played with one as a child and now want to let your child experience the fun and thrill of sending marbles shooting down the track then this is the set to get. You might even find your own inner child coming out to play as you help your child construct the set for the first time!

This marble run set contains a variety of different pieces including some specialty designs like the snake pass that sends the marble slaloming left and right as it winds its way down and the drop paddle wheel that spins like crazy as marbles pass by. There are 60 pieces included which means there is a huge amount of scope for your child to investigate different structures all the while learning some basic physics principles and succeeding through trial and error.

Galt has always had a reputation for building high quality marble runs with securely locking plastic pieces and while most parents are happy with the quality, some parents feel the standards have slipped a bit from previous versions. The sturdiness of the marble run, especially as it gets bigger, is not particularly great on carpet so it’s recommended that this set is constructed on a hard surface or you may find your child gets easily frustrated as it falls over on carpet with a small knock.

The video below shows a set very similar to the Galt Marble Run in action. As you can see, you can create multiple pathways that funnel down to a single point of exit – it sounds easy but it will challenge your child as they attempt to manage the separate routes.

The overwhelming feedback from other parents is that this is a fun and educational toy that is even used by 2 year olds thanks to the easy to connect pieces. Many parents say they buy another set simply to allow their child to extend the original marble run and create even more innovative tracks. Since all of Galt’s marble run sets can be interconnected you can buy any other set.

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