All the marble runs featured on this site have been reviewed by people like you. Parents who are looking for something more substantial for your children to play with that will challenge their thinking and help them think in three dimensions, solve problems, help with fine motor skills and improve their creativity. Marble runs come in all shapes and sizes with budgets and sets to meet all requirements. For the lower budgets you have the excellent Galt 30 Piece Marble Run and if money isn’t a problem then definitely check out the range of wooden marble runs offered by Quadrilla or Cuboro. For more exciting and complex marble runs, you can choose the huge Skyrail system from Quercetti or the Spacerail marble runs.

Despite being one of the oldest children’s toys, Marble Runs retain that magical power of being able to capture the imagination for hours at a time. In a world of PlayStations and other electrical gadgets, these marble runs represent a back to basics way of teaching children essential real world skills.

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