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Quadrilla is a German based company which has been making wooden marble runs for years. They only make marble runs but are considering other intelligent wooden toys in the future. A Quadrilla marble run might be more expensive than the plastic alternatives but they are more durable, more exapandable and will last for several generations. We have reviewed all the marble runs made by Quadrilla and also scoured the Internet to find the best price to make your purchasing choice easier.

The Quadrilla video below explains how each piece of the Quadrilla set works and how your child should go about constructing their first Quadrilla marble run set.

Quadrilla make one of the best, durable and above all, flexible wooden marble run kits on the market and are favored by parents and teachers alike.

Quadrilla Basic Set
Quadrilla Twist Marble Run Set
Quadrilla Rail Basic Set
Quadrilla Rail Set
Quadrilla Twist and Rail Set

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