Q-Ba-Maze Marble Runs

Q-Ba-Maze is one of the most advanced marble runs to hit the market in recent years. Made up of plastic blocks, or cubes, that look like they could have been inspired by the Hape Quadrilla marble runs, they click into place to create complex, intricate marble mazes. The advantage of these plastic blocks over the wooden blocks is the locking mechanism. Although it’s not necessarily a deal breaker for many parents, one of the chief complaints about the wooden marble runs is that they rely on gravity to stay in place and are easily disrupted.

Today, the Q-Ba-Maze marble run system can grow to as large as an imagination allows. It has grown to include a number of add-on packs which add stunts and tricks to an existing Q-Ba-Maze set. The expansion ability of Q-Ba-Maze means it’s a bit like a Lego set in that new sets can be purchased by Grandparents and family for birthdays and other holidays. It’s not even restricted to kids either, even adults love it!

To date, MarbleRuns.net has reviewed three Q-Ba-Maze sets. Prices start at around $30 for the basic set and $15 for add-on stunts sets.

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