The Sound of 11,000 Marbles

Have you ever wondered what kind of noise over 11,000 marbles pouring through a marble run might make? For Jelle Bakker, the self proclaimed Marble Master, the wondering became a reality with this huge marble run.

The video below has racked up over 1 million views since it was posted making it one of the most viewed videos of all time.

Taking nearly 3 months to build, it has four separate paths for marbles to flow along and four tipping containers that contain between 10 and 10,000 marbles. When tipped, the largest of tippers unleashes a tsunami of marbles.

Watching the marbles flow around the marble track is hypnotic and can’t help but make you think of liquid flowing around the track.

Jelle is well known in his home country of Holland for being a bit marble crazy, but this video has just elevated his popularity no end.

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Marble Racer on Wooden Train Tracks

When it comes to building marble runs, there really is no limit to your imagination, whether it’s out of household waste items or that trusty old Lego set.

For the first time, I’ve come across a whole new way to build a marble run racer set using a toy that was clearly not designed as a marble run. But thinking about it, building a Brio marble run makes perfect sense, as long as the marble never goes too fast.

The video below builds the tension right until the end as the red then blue marble inches ahead. First position is exchanged multiple times right up to the finish line.

By using a combination of Brio train track and ever versatile Lego, the creator of this marble racer has built something that we could all recreate and there really is no limit on how big or small it becomes.

Extreme Wall Coaster Marble Run

Wall coasters are popular with kids and parents thanks to the ability to be much larger in scale than marble runs that sit on the floor. The wall mounter marble coaster can literally start from the ceiling and travel all around the room – if you have enough parts of course! This video shows how one child constructed a huge wall coaster. It took almost the whole day to build – far better use of time than sitting in front of a TV or playing video games! Sticking the parts in the right places for the marble to jump in the air and be caught by the next part requires plenty of ingenuity!

The parts used to create this amazing wall mounted marble run is called Wall Coaster and can be purchased from Amazon.

Do you think wall coasters are better than regular marble runs?

Simple Paper Marble Run

Wondering if you should go ahead and buy that expensive marble run? This Mommy decided that she’ll get her son to be more creative by constructing a wall mounted marble run out of thick paper. There are chutes, tunnels and gravity defying jumps, all built out of inexpensive paper and sticky tape. The great thing is that once your child gets bored, it’s easy to remove and put in to the recycling can. In this example, they have kept things simple by using just a small section of the wall, but you can easily extend it around the room and have more complex chutes and drops.

Have you ever built a marble run out of paper? Did your child enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below.