2015 Marble Run Awards

The 2015 Marble Run Awards are designed to recognize the best marble runs and to make parent’s lives easier by making the decision process easier. These awards are based on reviews and feedback from real parents.

Best Value For Money

Galt Toys Super Marble Run – 60 Pieces

This is Galt’s most comprehensive marble run set available so if you ever played with one as a child and now want to let your child experience the fun and…

Best Price: $31.99 |

Most Durable

Quadrilla Rail Set Plus – 89 Pieces

The wooden Quadrilla marble runs from Manhattan Toys are all extremely durable, hardwaring and sturdy. Compared to plastic marble runs they are much more expensive but the variety, expandability and…

Best Price: $134.95 |

Most Exciting

Quercetti Super Marble Run Vortis – 224 Pieces

The Granddaddy of plastic marble runs, if you want your child to be able to construct a variety of different runs and test out new tracks then this is the…

Best Price: $53.02 |