Quercetti Skyrail Roller Coaster 250 Pieces

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Quercetti has built a good reputation for creating high quality, durable toys that are both educational and fun in nature. The Quercetti Skyrail Roller Coaster marble run sets are no different and provide exceptional fun and excitement for children of all ages. What’s more, the sets combine with each other so as your child gains confidence, they can built their own creative tracks. This particular set isn’t like a traditional marble run, instead, it uses rollercoaster like tracks to allow a plastic ball to race down twists, turns and even loop-the-loops. It’s an educational product wrapped up in so much fun that your child won’t even know that they are learning about momentum, physics, gravity and g-forces.

Despite being made of a flexible plastic, the product has won the praises from many parents for its durability. Most of this has to do with the fact that it’s not yet another Made in China toy, but crafted and manufactured in Italy, where quality and standards actually mean something. That said, the bases of the track support could have been a bit more substantial because as you build higher, the stability decreases – but that can be said of any marble run.

One of the greatest benefits of this exciting marble run is that it gets kids away from the Xboxes and Playstations and interacting with each other. Around the world, plenty of children have taken it upon themselves to build and construct massive marble roller coasters as a team, film the results, edit it and put them on YouTube. From a simple marble run, the possibility to learn so many more life skills can be sparked with the right encouragement. Check out the video below to see the incredible marble run put together by some neighborhood kids (built using the same Quercetti set as featured here). The planning, coordination, teamwork and determination are skills no child is going to pick up infront of the TV. In that sense, a marble run has the possibility to deliver so much more benefit.

Although it’s aimed at slightly older children, plenty of parents are reporting that with a little bit of assistance, younger kids get just as much fun out of it. Infact, you can always start off with the smaller set to begin with and grow it as their confidence grows.

This Quercetti Skyrail marble roller coaster set comes with over 40 feet of red track. It’s fully compatible with other Skyrail sets from Quercetti so if your child loves playing with it, further sets make for great Birthday and Christmas additions. One great addition would be the motorized elevator set which returns the marbles back to the start when they are finished.

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