Quadrilla Twist & Rail – 99 Pieces

One very challenging marble run set that will require adult supervision for younger children as they build it. This Quadrilla set comes with a variety of blocks each with their own function which makes it a challenge to build a track that works. Even with adult supervision it can take up to 30 minutes to build the suggested track so if your child likes constructing toys they’ll definitely get enjoyment out of this set.

With 99 pieces it makes this Twist & Rail set an open ended toy that challenges your child to make different tracks each time they bring it out to play. Since each block does a different function the building process isn’t as easy as it seems and it may take some time for younger children to fully learn how to utilize all the blocks. The types of blocks include 2 and 3 way switches, multi-directional blocks and spirals. Also included is 50 different glass marbles and an instructional DVD to help your child (and maybe you!) learn more about the color coded blocks.

The video below will give you an idea of how large this set will be. You can also see that the parent has provided a solid flat surface for the child to construct the Quadrilla Twist and Rail marble run.

One thing to note though is that these blocks rely on gravity to stay together so can cause frustration if your child is a little heavy handed as a small knock can send many blocks flying. Some parents have lamented this when their family dog runs in to the carefully constructed marble run! Although since the blocks are made of child-safe stained wood, if the structure does get knocked over they are durable enough not to get damaged.

Since the blocks and tracks are common to all the Quadrilla sets, they are infinitely extendable to create ginormous tracks that will challenge both child and adult alike – infact you might find that some of the more ‘grown up’ children want to get in on the fun. The short video below shows the type of track that can be built up using two Twist and Rail sets.

Parents of children who play with any Quadrilla marble run are overwhelmingly positive about the experience, despite the higher costs. The open ended play means the longetivity of the marble run is longer than most plastic marble runs and the durability means that you will probably be dusting off this toy for your grand children in 30 years time!

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