Quadrilla Marble Railway Twist – 107 Pieces

Quadrilla’s wooden marble runs are famous for their variety of pieces and this particular set won a Platinum award in 2006 for best education toy. The variety of pieces allows for unlimited types of constructions and will really help the problem solving and innovation skills of any child. Different blocks offer different functions so your child will have to work out what order to put them in to achieve the right combination to get the marbles from top to bottom.

Wooden marble runs tend to be a lot more expensive than the plastic variety but parents are pretty unanimous in their praise for Quadrilla. As one parent put it: “I tried one of the cheaper plastic runs only to be disappointed by the quality. A friend recommended trying a wooden one and my child absolutely loves it!” The educational value is unmatched as is the near-indestructible nature of the wooden blocks – no snapped pieces, nothing that can crunch if it is sat on.

One thing that takes many parents by surprise is how large the Quadrilla sets are because the product pictures don’t give the wooden marble kit any sense of size. The video below shows a fully completed Quadrilla Twist set and you can see that once built, it is the height of a small child.

The Quadrilla Twist marble run contains 107 pieces and focuses on twists and curves. Marbles enter accelerators and funnels to speed them up and chutes to transport them to new levels. Also included is a large supply of high quality glass marbles.

The Quadrilla Twist is aimed at children aged 4 and above but you’ll probably find that you have to give more than a helping hand to younger children in order to build it for the first time. As your child gets older and understands what all the colored blocks do they’ll be able to construct their own marble runs. A small word of warning though: most marble runs get unstable the higher you build them, particularly if you have a lot of marbles near the top so ensure that your child has a hard surface on which to build.

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