Quadrilla Rail Set – 102 Pieces

This Quadrilla Rail set comes with 102 pieces including some unique bits not found in other sets. There is the switching bucket which collects marbles in two wells and sends them off in different directions as each well fills up. The other unique part is the teeter totter which collects marbles and when it reaches a critical mass spills them all out and a whole bunch of marbles go racing down the track together. You’ll also get runs in different sizes, a variety of switching blocks and two types of accelerators.

If you are familiar with other Quadrilla marble runs you will know that the price is high but the education and durability values are higher. The wooden blocks are virtually indestructible and there’s a good chance your grand kids will be playing with this in 30 years time if you keep it! Secondly, the variety of blocks makes this a truly open ended toy with no end of life because each time your child plays with it they can build a new marble run. The education value is high too because it makes your child think about how they are putting the pieces together – one mistake and the ball will not reach the bottom.

Unlike plastic marble runs the one complaint you won’t hear about this set is about the build quality, infact most parents praise the build quality. Quadrilla marble runs rely on gravity to stay together so you need to construct it on a hard surface and take care not to knock it once built.

Although this set is pretty comprehensive in itself with 102 pieces, you can always expand it further with a variety of accessory kits and add on packs available – you can even purchase a musical set which plays melodies as the marbles go through the track.

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