Quadrilla Rail Basic Set – 49 Pieces

“This toy is one of the best things we’ve gotten for our kids in a long time” says a parent from North Carolina and judging by the host of awards Quadrilla have picked up it seems they are not alone in this opinion. Some of the awards include Creative Child Construction Toy of the Year, Parenting Magazine Toy of the Year, Parents Choice Gold and Dr. Toy Best Active Product. The toy has won so many accolades because it’s not just a simple marble run but the variety of blocks means that it’s an open ended construction toy that can provide hours of challenging fun just in the construction alone.

Also telling is the number of independent parental reviews for Quadrilla products. While you might expect a product to have a few negative reviews, this particular Quadrilla Rail Basic Set only has good reviews, although some parents raise concerns about the stability of the product. The Quadrilla marble runs rely on gravity to keep the blocks together so you need a hard surface on which to construct it.

Below is a very short video showing the Quadrilla Rail Basic set in action. You can get an idea of the size and parts that are included. You can use this basic set as a starter and expand as your budget allows it.

The beauty of Quadrilla marble runs is that they are infinitely expandable and you can buy expansion sets or even bigger complete sets and everything fits together. As your child gains more confidence and learns what all the different blocks do then they’ll certainly want more challenges and accessories are conveniently priced for birthday and Christmas presents!

In terms of age range, Quadrilla recommend ages 4 and up but most parents have poured cold water on this claim and said even 6 year olds need some help putting the blocks together. Your child will be able to learn some fine motor skills and hand eye coordination because as previously mentioned the blocks are held together by gravity to a small knock can send blocks tumbling.

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