Quadrilla Basic Set – 50 Pieces

“The kind of toy I feel good about buying” is how one parent described this wooden marble run from Quadrilla, and many other parents would agree. The wooden construction is far more durable and hardwaring than cheaper plastic options and Quadrilla has really put a lot of thought in to all the pieces to create one of the best educational toys around.

The variety of pieces means that this set becomes and open ended toy with different challenges everytime your child plays with it, keeping their mind focused and challenging them with problems to solve all the time. It won’t be unusual for your children to be playing with this marble run for hours as they construct bigger structures. If you are looking for a long lasting toy that can be passed down from child to child (or even the grandchildren!) then a wooden Quadrilla marble run is the one to be looking at. This basic set contains 50 wooden pieces and dozens of marbles that can get your child exploring the construction as soon as they open the box.

The video below shows the Quadrilla Marble Set in action, as you can see it is quite large and will require a hard and stable base on which to build it.

It’s important to note that while the overwhelming majority of parents have described this marble run as a great success there are a few concerns about the inherent stability of the set. This is because the marble run needs to be set on a hard surface and the blocks rely on gravity to lock together so with a small knock the whole structure could come down.

Aside from durability, parents have also commented on how they like the ability to expand the sets with expansion packs or even larger sets. As the child’s confidence grows and they learn how all the different colored blocks work together they will seek out more challenging constructions and want to build bigger and better.

The price for a Quadrilla marble run is on the high side and maybe a Quercetti run is more within your price range, but a Quadrilla has a higher educational value and more expandability than anything else on the market.

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