Quadrilla Marble Runs

Quadrilla is a German based company which has been making wooden marble runs for years. They only make marble runs but are considering other intelligent wooden toys in the future. A Quadrilla marble run might be more expensive than the plastic alternatives but they are more durable, more exapandable and will last for several generations. We have reviewed all the marble runs made by Quadrilla and also scoured the Internet to find the best price to make your purchasing choice easier.

The Quadrilla video below explains how each piece of the Quadrilla set works and how your child should go about constructing their first Quadrilla marble run set.

Quadrilla make one of the best, durable and above all, flexible wooden marble run kits on the market and are favored by parents and teachers alike.

Quadrilla Rail Basic Set – 49 Pieces

“This toy is one of the best things we’ve gotten for our kids in a long time” says a parent from North Carolina and judging by the host of awards...

Best Price: $64.95 |

Quadrilla Twist & Rail – 99 Pieces

One very challenging marble run set that will require adult supervision for younger children as they build it. This Quadrilla set comes with a variety of blocks each with their...

Best Price: $209 |

Quadrilla Rail Set – 102 Pieces

This Quadrilla Rail set comes with 102 pieces including some unique bits not found in other sets. There is the switching bucket which collects marbles in two wells and sends...

Best Price: $134.95 |

Quadrilla Basic Set – 50 Pieces

“The kind of toy I feel good about buying” is how one parent described this wooden marble run from Quadrilla, and many other parents would agree. The wooden construction is...

Best Price: $64.95 |

Quadrilla Marble Railway Twist – 107 Pieces

Quadrilla’s wooden marble runs are famous for their variety of pieces and this particular set won a Platinum award in 2006 for best education toy. The variety of pieces allows...

Best Price: $204.95 |