Galt Marble Runs

Galt has been making marble runs for over 50 years and many parents recall with fondness the fun and excitement they had when they built their first marble run. As marble runs have a timeless appeal, many parents want their children to experience the same inquisitiveness and joy by purchasing a Galt marble run. Below is a short video of a young child enjoying his Galt marble run and a testament to this un-aging toy.

Galt Toys Super Marble Run – 60 Pieces

This is Galt’s most comprehensive marble run set available so if you ever played with one as a child and now want to let your child experience the fun and...

Best Price: $56.41 |

Galt Toys Marble Run – 30 Pieces

Galt Toys has been making plastic marble runs for longer than any of course care to remember or admit and chances are if you played with a marble run when...

Best Price: $15.73 |