3 Ways to Build Fantastic Marble Runs From Household Materials

Posted by Adam Hopkins 6 years ago

While toys like the Skyrail marble run or the Quadrilla rail set can provide endless hours of fun, there’s something to be said for rudimentary, home made marble runs.

When you buy a marble run set, everything is pre-made, but when you get your kids to build their own…well, the limit is only their imagination.

To get your kids started on creating and building their own home made marble runs, here are three ideas of how to get started from items you are likely to find around the house.

1. Cereal Boxes

Although cereal boxes might be last thing you expect to build a marble run out of, hang with us for a minute. This idea comes from Red Ted Art wherein cereal boxes (or any cardboard box for that matter) are cut up and stuck back together to create ramps, drops and shoots.

The end result is pretty awesome and it has the added bonus of being very environmentally friendly when your kids have finished playing with it!

2. Food Packaging & Other Containers

Before you throw the packaging for food and other containers in the recycling bin, why not save the clean packaging for a weekend of junk marble run building?

The team over at Nurture Store have put together a step-by-step guide on building fabulous marble runs out of everyday junk that might otherwise end up in the recycling bin (and it can still end up in the recycling bin after the kids have finished playing with it).

Not convinced? Just check out this picture of their own attempt to build a junk marble run.

3. Paper Towel Cardboard Tubes

The cardboard tubes from your toilet roll and paper towels can become the building blocks from some pretty exciting and imaginative DIY marble runs.

The folks over at TP Craft show how they took a dozen cardboard tubes, some sticky tape and a conveniently placed door to build a marble run with chutes, drops, ramps, tunnels and gullies.

Check out the final result in this video:


Lego doesn’t just have to be about building spaceships, it can also be used to build some pretty nifty marble runs as well.

You can use a flat Lego plate and use blocks to create a maze through which the marble must traverse by tilting the plate along its different axes. Check out this idea from Octavia & Vicky:

Or if that seems too simple, you could always help your kids create an amazing ball machine like the one seen in the video below.

Happy building!

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